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Re: Science denialism

Postby Forest_Dump on July 30th, 2020, 11:02 am 

Truth be told I have as much difficulty with some of the more extremist anti-Trump types who seem to elevate him to almost supernatural levels (as has been done too many times in the past with people like Hitler). I don't view Trump as a monster, the height of evil, etc. I actually do see him as a product of poor parenting, etc, that resulted in an all too common set of cognitive/behavioural disorders now categorized as narcissistic sociopathy coupled with the inheritance of unusual wealth that just happened to coincide with the "right" social political circumstances. It has happened before and it can and will happen again,potentially in any kind of political context (is, within the left, right or center), and perhaps the biggest danger can be that we insist it is unusual and out of our control. Since I very much hope that this historical blip will be over in less that 100 days, I think we should count our selves lucky, because things could have been lots worse, and try to learn from this. And one of the lessons I think we should pay attention to is how the other side could be every bit as bad in their hysterical extremism.
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Re: Science denialism

Postby charon on July 30th, 2020, 1:33 pm 

TheVat » July 30th, 2020, 2:59 pm wrote:Though not without moments of comic relief, like Trump promoting the "demon sperm" and "alien DNA" doctor as a trustworthy medical authority. (Toucana put up a post on that, in Science News thread, "a brief history of science denial ")

Those sorts of extreme avatars of superstition could possibly even have a positive effect, triggering a counterreaction. You don't always win a culture war with total batshit crazy.

(that said, if Trump's mother had dream sex with a demonic incubus while carrying Donald, that could explain our present situation...)

I know, that occurred to me too, although I think - at least, I hope - sense will prevail when the time comes. And it may be now (no philosophical puns intended).
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