An amateur story of space

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An amateur story of space

Postby socrat44 on September 6th, 2020, 6:19 am 

An amateur story of space
Euclid created mathematical 2-D space
Euclidean space is a scene where the Earth events take place
Euclidean math space is an absolute and rigid, nothing can change it
In 1908 Minkowski mathematically showed that Einstein's
SR theory would be more beautiful if to use 4-D.
Most important, the 4-D is as flat as 2-D, only one (2-D) is used
as Earth scene and another (4-D) is used as a Cosmic scene.
And from Cosmic view the Earth's scene is looked as the 3-D.
During 1830 - 1854 Lobachevsky, János Bolyai and Riemann separately
and independently had an idea, maybe, some ''hidden force'' can change
the Euclidean 2-D. And they created non-Euclidean geometry.
Many years this mathematical idea was considered as an abstract idea
But in 1915 Einstein by using Riemann geometry
(plus using ''hidden matter'' -- mass and energy)
showed that the Riemann geometry can have practical profit.
The Earth ''empty'' space (air) is filled with different molecules
The Cosmic ''empty'' space (vacuum) is filled with different ''virtual particles''
Both spaces are real.
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