tales of historical personages

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tales of historical personages

Postby moranity on February 9th, 2016, 8:39 pm 

historical personages amaze me and i do love tales of their antics, anyone want to share their favourites?
here are two of mine:
Diogenese, the dog and cynic of athens sat outside the local house of disrepute cajoling those who entered until they gave him money to shut him up, when he had enough money, he went in himself.
another time Diogenese was visited by Alexander the Great in his residence in athens (1 The Barrel), when asked what the wise Diogenese would ask of Alexander as a boon, gold? power? The dog replied that he wished Alexander would move, as he was blocking the sun. Alexander the Great later said that if he was not Alexander, then he would wish to be Diogenese, how great is that?
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