A forum experiment (kinda!)

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A forum experiment (kinda!)

Postby BadgerJelly on October 8th, 2016, 2:25 am 

I was wondering if anyone would interested in taking part in a little game/experiment?

Not sure about the exact format. Basically looking for people to post in general philosophy forum and present an OP on some subject without revealling what the subject is. The game is to be as obtuse as possible and even go off on tangents yet remain true to the course of the topic at hand.

I have more ideas than just this one that include posting about something you struggle to find the correct terms for and leaving them blank. Other people can then post what they think fits best. This is an extention of a clip I posted from ... (my memory is bad with names :) ... some famous anthropologist guy who tried to define "religion" without using words such as "spirit" or "god", creating a definition that Colin Renfew used to define "money" and that I used to define "language" or even the human condition in general ... which would be a matter of interest for all of these little games/experiments.

Maybe the first try wouls be to get three or four memebers to post about different subejcts and then see after a couple of weeks what we have read into their posts.

At a later date maybe try a kind of "chinese whispers" game in the same light. Where the original topic is not revealed and the next in line guessing what they think to be the correct topic and continues to the next and so on.

Anyone interested?
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