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Three things to do ...

PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 4:00 am
by BadgerJelly
I was watching an interview with Billy Connelly a while ago. He mentioned something about writing down three things you want to happen to you in the next three years. If you do this they come true.

Basically the idea is to pick three extraordinary things, nothing mundane, and write them on a piece of card. You keep the card somewhere that you can see it often (in your wallet for example). This is so you are constantly reminded about the three things from day to day.

Now, I am going to do this. I like the idea and understand the basic psychological idea of it. I have two items to put on my card but cannot think of a third!

What three would you like to happen to you in the next three years? Any long term members here willing to try this out with me and see how succesful they are over the next three years?

Haha! I've literally just this second thought of my third item :D