My Personal School of Knowledge

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My Personal School of Knowledge

Postby BadgerJelly on August 27th, 2017, 10:00 am 

I am posting a kind of diary here.

I have set a plan into action in which I will study various areas of personal interest. I would list each area of interest, but I would undoubtedly leave something out!

All I can say right now is it makes sense to focus the larger part of my studies in two areas in particular:

1) Math

2) Logic

I am still pretty much just refreshing my math and in the area of logic will be learning that particular language. Along with this I hope to improve my general reading and writing ability, which will compliment the logic part of my studies by combining with my interest in linguistics and philosophical writing in general.
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Re: My Personal School of Knowledge

Postby TheVat on August 27th, 2017, 11:13 am 

I think the SPCF Lounge goes with the conventional idea of a lounge as a socializing area. If I let you do a diary, then I have to let everyone do a diary. So this has to go. You can post in Math and Logic forae, yes? (you write good posts here, don't get me wrong, but look what happened when I let someone turn the Art subforum into their own personal soapbox on evil conspiracies.....just sayin'....)
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