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A Truly Beautiful Discussion

PostPosted: January 18th, 2018, 3:27 am
by BadgerJelly
God, The Universe and Meaning... | #43 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Brian Cox

I STRONGLY recommend giving a damn good listening to! Two people from somewhat opposing positioning sharing and expressing some beautiful thoughts. It is 1 hour long, but reasonably fast paced and entertaining.

I do think Brand is a bit out there, but adore his openness and, like him, I was expecting more of a conflict between him and Cox.

Maybe there is something in the air today, but this discussion actually brought tears of joy to my eyes a few times.

I especially loved the "bleak" view of the future universe in contrast to Brand's more "holistic" view of consciousness. Tied into the general espoused ideas about "certainty" by both there was something of an unspoken moment there that gripped me inside.

If anyone still wonders why I find phenomenology such an interesting philosophical stance then I imagine this discussion will shed some light on the "betweenness" between the non-between ... semantics fail me though! haha!