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Dream Analysis

Postby BadgerJelly on February 27th, 2018, 3:50 am 

This is an aside to "dreams". I may have mentioned this before?

I had a pretty amazing dream a couple of weeks ago.

During in the dream I was talking to someone about the scene and what was happening before our eyes. I then understood what it meant in to the dream and awoke at that moment FULLY understanding the message of the dream (because I had grown to develop my interpretation of simple symbolism within my dreams - water representing the unconscious.)

What is startling to me is that I have developed the meaning of my dreams consciously so that when certain things pop up in my dreams I understand them. I kept having dreams about floods (often I was underground or in some kind of maze; another would be meteor strikes followed by tsunami.

What I understand of these is that they represent three cosmological levels of being. The meteor falling to earth represents something of a higher plane, the earth, simply the earthly realm, and the water/underworld, the unconscious. I also understand that the "higher plane" is just the opposition of the "underworld"; they are effectively both "unconscious" contents.

Anyway, I had a few dreams of "flooding" in some form or another. One that stuck with me was being in an underground rail system and my friends around me building transparent plastic boxes to climb inside in order not to drown in the coming rush of water. I found that they all constructed their refuges very quickly and without panic, whilst I remained completely perplexed and couldn't build my box. One of them then helped me and I then held a tiny bow in my hands which for some reason I knew would be enough to "save me" from the coming flood.

Fast forward to my dream a few weeks ago. I, and another person (no idea who), were watching many straneg beings on a desert plain that was completely parched. Then a geyser briefly erupted and shot out a huge stream of water that settled into a few small pools across the dusty landscape. I turned to my companion,as we watched the "people" rush toward the water with joy carrying plastic tubs and bottles to fill, and commented that it was really such a small amount of water and would likely not last long and become polluted very quickly with all these "people" likely to go bath and drink from the pools. I then received a response/thought (from myself/companion - hard to say as wakefulness was soon upon me); and I awoke startled to release the meaning of the dream.

Very simply put if the "flood" from the unconscious content is small then if it becomes "corrupted"/"polluted" we will notice this very easily. If the "flood" is big then any corruption will remain hidden in the depths and certainly not be so noticeable. A drop in the ocean is not comparable to a drop in a small cup of water.

I knew, as I woke up AND during the dream, exactly what this meant. I know that the changes I have recently made have made a big difference to my outlook and progressed my studying and general life habits. There are other dreams I've had that relate to this to. One reoccurring theme is certainly "organization" and a general message to categorise and plan more. An example would be the scolding I received from Heimdallr; from the movies - in which he made me feel like a speck of nothing and then started to show me many different drawers and filing cabinets that rose from the earth - btw he is the guard between the "conscious" and "unconscious" worlds; during that particular dream I was being extremely arrogant and saying how I was now without any fear whatsoever ... he showed me how wrong I was! haha!

Obviously I understand that this may not seem significant to anyone here, but the very fact that I had a dream and during the dream I understood the dream, and woke up completely conscious of the meaning of the dream, really startled me. It was not a question of me attaching meaning to the dream content after the matter of fact - something Jung warns against quite strongly as it is something we can very easily do without knowing.

note: I still cannot understand what the hell it means in my dream when I plunge into "icy" water on feel the touch of "snow" and the sensation is always warm and fluffy? Maybe that is simply to do with my physical condition during sleep and has no serious meaning content at all - still, it niggles at me because it has been a reasonably frequent occurrence in my more memorable dreams.

Anyway, hope you found this interesting; or at least vaguely entertaining. :)
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Re: Dream Analysis

Postby Lux Aeterna on July 13th, 2019, 7:11 pm 

I refer to your "note" that still bothers you. In any case everything dreamt has a meaning, even if it is only the processing of daily events. A recurring dream is to be earnestly considered as it will repeat until you have confronted or accepted something, given up some habits.

So, let me see what you have written under "note" as I can see that you have interpreted quite well.

The plunge into the icy water means that you want to renew your own strength and return to the origin. You are going to live in harmony with the need of your body and care for your sanity.
Now the warmth here is a supporting factor. It is a sign of well being, happiness and hope, for compassion and passion.

Hope I could have been of some help :)
Lux Aeterna

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