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Family Find Owl in Christmas Tree

PostPosted: December 19th, 2019, 8:29 am
by toucana

A Georgia family found an owl hiding inside their Christmas tree.

The discovery came last Thursday evening when Katie McBride Newman and her two children, India and Jack, were finishing dinner.

India, 10, had started to clear the table and was in another room when Newman heard her exclaim, "Oh my gosh!"

'Mama, that ornament scared me,'" the child told her mother. Then she burst into tears.

Newman said she's a big fan of owls, so the tree actually had about a dozen owl ornaments gracing its branches. At first, Newman said she thought India had just been spooked by one of those.

So Newman checked it out, ready to calm her daughter's fears. But when she peered into the tree, she saw the owl turn its head and look straight at her.

The family had purchased the tree from a store about two days after Thanksgiving, so at first they thought the owl must have flown in and taken refuge inside their tree, Newman's husband, Billy, told CNN.

The family left their windows and doors open that night, hoping the bird would leave on its own -- but it didn't.

The next day, they called the Chattahoochee Nature Center, a non-profit environmental center about an hour away from their home in Newnan. An employee there told them to leave the owl some raw chicken, concerned it may not have eaten in a few days.

An expert subsequently captured the bird and identified it as an Eastern Screech owl which are common in the east Georgia area.

To release the owl back into the wild, the family put the bird in a crate in a darkened room, according to the instructions from the nature center. At dusk on Saturday, they left the open crate outside. By 9:30 p.m., the owl had disappeared.

Katie Newman says she swears she can still hear the owl at night, hooting away.

Re: Family Find Owl in Christmas Tree

PostPosted: December 19th, 2019, 6:21 pm
by TheVat
If the Rule of Ornithological Valuation applies, then an owl in the tree (or bush) is worth 0.5 owls in the hand. Of course, many owl species are apex predators, so forget the goofy math jokes.

Am traveling, been offline here all week, but it's great to peek in and find this, as well as keen political analysis from Serpent and Hyksos. See you all next week.