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Which of these is the furthest away from being realized?

PostPosted: February 27th, 2020, 1:57 am
by Maximum7
Which one of these speculative tech and sciences is the furthest away from becoming a reality in the real world
Briefly tell me why you chose what you chose. I have provided links for stuff you may be unfamiliar with.

1.) OCD cure
2.) SQUID-like device ... ange-days/

3.) Nucleon chemistry- chemistry at the quark level
4.) Gamma ray laser
5.) Core tap- Get power from Earths core
6.) Mass formula-

7.) Human-Robot hybrid- Not a cyborg. A hybrid
8.) Artificial “super” mitochondria- Great for fighting disease and extending lifespan
9.) Memory RNA pills- Learn skills and knowledge by popping a pill
10.) Vertebrane- ... vertebrane

11.) Thought recognition computer- Thoughts access computer
12.) Panic generator- Generates panic among troops
13.) Quantum telescope-
14.) Trans-Galactic telescope- Telescope that can see stuff in other galaxies
15.) Thought camera- Camera that can take pictures of thoughts
16.) Mega-Statite- Large statite that can heat places in the world
17.) Genetic breast augmentation- Natural breast enhancer
18.) Combinding robots- Robots that can merge to form a larger robot like the Transfomers
19.) Reverse paralysis
20.) Anti-mental retardation brain implant
21.) Mate Finder- Device that can find you the perfect mate
22.) Holo-simulacrum of a dead person- Creepy but some people might want it
23.) Supersoldier forumula- Like Captain America
24.) Parasitic bio-mech device that steals knowledge from a person
25.) Dream analysis machine
26.) Memory erasure
27.) Emotion control drugs
28.) Flying suit- Like the Vulture from Spider-Man has
29.) Disintigrator bio-weapon- A bioweapon that completely disintegrated a person like the black fluid the Engineer drank in the beginning of Prometheus