Chatroom Guidelines

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Chatroom Guidelines

Postby Administration on May 3rd, 2009, 10:31 pm 

Common IRC etiquette is expected: Be Civil and Don't Disrupt the Channel.

The chatroom is a discussion and debate channel on DALnet.

Our goal is to foster a friendly environment in which ideas can be freely exchanged and discussed. Expect to have your ideas challenged and be prepared to defend them.

To this end, certain rules and guidelines have been established to provide for a conducive atmosphere of intelligent discourse. All members are expected to read, understand, and agree with our guidelines.

The discretion of the Operators is at all times the sole arbiter of what is allowed or not allowed in the channel.

Unacceptable behaviors is grounds for instant removal from the chatroom. These include:

1. Disrespectful behaviors are not tolerated.

2. Disruptive behaviors which prevent us from helping people, or interfere with ongoing debates are not tolerated. Preaching, dogmatic assertions, circular arguments, rambling and other forms of unresponsive speech are not consistent with the ideal of ongoing discourse.

3. No flooding: If you want to copy/paste long text (2000 characters or more), you must ask permission from the Operators first. If granted, you will be exempted from the flood protection system. Posting very long text without permission will result in an automatic ban by our Bots from the channel.

4. Arguing in open channel with the Operators is not permitted. Discussion of channel policies or politics, concerns about Operators, bans, akicks, etc is not allowed. If you disagree with the request of an Operator or if you have questions or concerns about policy, please message an Operator directly or contact a Sop. Do NOT complain about one channel or their Operators' actions in the other channel or to the operators of the other channel.

You can always use the chatroom forums in the Live Chat section for assistance.

5. Do not abuse, insult, or threaten others - especially the Operators - even in private. Doing so will get you banned.

6. Advertising is not tolerated - NO SPAM

7. Disruptive scripts like away or mp3 scripts are not allowed on our channel. Turn them off please.

8. Guest nicks are discouraged. We recommend using a registered nick. At certain times a registered nick may be needed to enter and participate.

9. Channel members have the right to expect that others will treat them with respect at all times. It's understood that claims will be directly challenged and possibly even dismantled during a debate as par for the course, but the comments should remain directed at the idea being presented and not on the individual presenting it.

10. TOR, proxies and other anonymous ip services are allowed ONLY at the discretion of the operators.

11. SPCFGuest nicknames are entry nicknames which get assigned to you (followed by a random number) when you launch the chat applet. You must change to a different nickname of your choice as soon as you connect to the chatroom. This minimizes confusion when there are more than one person connected via the applet.

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