Young and Restless

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Young and Restless

Postby vivian maxine on August 7th, 2016, 12:06 pm 

There is a very interesting article in the September issue of Discover magazine. It talks of the dangerous things teens will do even when they know it is not safe to do them. speeding, drinking, driving drunk, leaping off second-story roofs into swimming pools, and more daring acts. The researchers seem to deem these acts necessary in the development from childhood to adulthood.

Quote: "Studies out of Baird's lab and others suggest that those out-of-control emotions and bewildering motivations that so many parents wish they could quash are actually important to all that critical pre-adult learning."

Abigail Baird, a brain researcher at Vassar College, notes the "explosive growth and gawkiness" that comes at adolescence" and suggests that we should not be surprised that there is the same gawkiness when we are talking about the brain.

Quote: "There is something about the neurobiology of adolescents that makes them more likely to take risks than children or adults. (Ronald Dahl, University of California, Berkeley)

What puzzles me is the statement that 80% of adolescents don't do the wild and crazy things. 80% don't do the "necessary"? They do add that even the shy and anxious kids will become more exploratory.

It reminds me of a school principal that we had. In talking about one student who was just too good, more adult than child. She said "They have to get the devil out when they are young. If they don't, they will as adults." That isn't always true either. It wasn't in the case of this boy. But she does have a point, I think. She was just blaming the wrong agent, maybe?
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Re: Young and Restless

Postby EasternWind on August 16th, 2016, 5:19 pm 

I wonder if that's a new thing - the 80% thing. I find that as life evolves, things become easier and safer. There is not as much danger in the environment anymore. And interestingly, we find that people, young or old, try to find a way to have adventure. There is no adventure without some risk. There is no happiness without some degree of problems and danger. So we find people taking drugs just so they can experience a little danger. Tells me we are not making proper progress but kind of running around in a circle. Certainly, as a society, we don't understand life.
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