Beginner Science - Please Read

Discussions on introductory science topics. Ask simple or beginner questions and expect clear and level answers.

Beginner Science - Please Read

Postby Administration on February 22nd, 2010, 2:00 am 

This forum has slightly gentler moderation than the rest of the Science Forum. In order to provide an environment for supporting all levels of learning, we do ask that you keep a somewhat less strict, but still fact-based approach when contributing. The moderators will likewise keep in mind that gentle guidance for those who truly are willing to learn best serves our mutual goals.

This is not a place to have your homework done by other. While the concepts developed here can be directly applicable to solving homework problems in science-related courses, assisting with coursework is not the goal or immediate function of this forum; please do not post specific assignment questions here. Instead, focus on the conceptual foundation necessary to understand how to answer the question yourself. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish a homework question from an inquiry on how to approach such question, so it will be left to the discretion of the mods to decide what is acceptable and what isn't. Members are asked to be gracious and maintain a gentle hand regardless of the situation.

The concepts used must not exceed introductory level. If a thread begins to delve in concepts beyond the scope of this forum, a moderator might split the posts to a different forum. Alternatively, you might be asked to start a new thread, or, if you're inclined, you may do that on your own and save everyone the trouble. In that case, simply start a new thread in the relevant forum and place a link to the original thread in the novice forum. It's preferable to pick a different title for the new thread, as cloning threads is not allowed, and the new thread will probably develop differently in the more advanced forums in any case.
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