dark aka transparent matter and gravity

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dark aka transparent matter and gravity

Postby zetreque on February 11th, 2018, 1:52 am 

So I was wondering how do we know dark matter is spherical around galaxies?
How do we know if it's distributed between galaxies?

If regular matter is disk like because it interacts with light which causes it to radiate which causes it to cool which causes it to become disk like
and dark matter remains spherical,
and light interacts with dark matter because it is bent by gravity (which confuses me because dark matter isn't supposed to interact with light but light interacts with gravity),
Why can't dark matter which is detectable by gravitational lensing just be due to the mass of a black hole in the center of a galaxy?

Like if what we can see of dark matter is spherical around galaxies, couldn't that be simply a force emanating from the center of galaxies?

I predict the answer to my question lies in the actual formulas which I do not know.
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