Slackening of the Brain

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Slackening of the Brain

Postby vivian maxine on October 26th, 2016, 8:07 am ... ce+News%29

Dr. Yujiang Wang of Newcastle University, UK and her team have shown that the folds of the cerebral cortex slacken as we age. Dr. Wang sees a connection between Alzheimers and possibly other diseases to this slackening. I am wondering something different.

How does this slackening affect normal skills which seem to slow down but not lead to disease? Problem solving that used to be done mentally later takes longer or needs pencil and paper. Memory recall of facts, names, dates, etc. Am I right that this can happen as a result of the shrinking without meaning disease?

Something else. The folds may be the same in mammalian but is the firmness and slackness the same in all individuals? Is it possible that there is more slackness to a lesser extent than in aging but still some difference and does the slackness - if it exists in youth - affect the ability to learn and/or to perform mental skills in youth?
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