Scientists 'Teleport' Photons Into Space

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Scientists 'Teleport' Photons Into Space

Postby zetreque on July 15th, 2017, 6:15 pm 

Scientists ‘Teleport’ Photons Into Space For the First Time
By Bianca Datta on Fri, 14 Jul 2017

Ryan Mandelbaum explains this phenomenon for Gizmodo:

So, here’s a simplified version of quantum teleportation. Let’s say you take a red and a green ball, put each randomly into one of two bags, and hand one bag to a person on the ground, and another to a person at the satellite. But on the ground, there’s a second bag, containing another green ball that the folks on the ground want to “teleport” to the satellite, without anyone else knowing it was green. Quantum teleportation says that, with the entangled link already set up, the folks on the ground have only to open both of their bags, then call the satellite on the phone and say either “same” or “different.” If the ground observer opens both bags and sees both balls are green, she can just say “same” to the satellite. The satellite will then open his entangled bag, which has to have a red ball, which means the ground must have had the green ball in the entangled bag, and that means the secret ball had to be green.

Thus, the state of the secret ball is “teleported” to the satellite.
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Re: Scientists 'Teleport' Photons Into Space

Postby Dave_Oblad on July 15th, 2017, 8:04 pm 

Hi All,

What they are really doing, besides overcoming all the technical obstacles is a bit obscure, deliberately. Ultimately, they are proving FTL communications is possible.

For example: Suppose it took one second to send a Photon to the satellite and it bounced back to another base station also requiring 1 second. Thus communication requires 2 seconds one way. In this new setup, Base(A) Entangles a Home Photon and sends a Twin to the satellite while simultaneously Base(B) does the same thing. Then Base(B) has to wait for their photon to reach the satellite. Once it gets there it teleports its status to the Photon from Base(A) and at Base(A) they see the teleportation immediately on their local Twin.

Thus showing that by sending a intermediate relay halfway between them both, they can cut the total travel time to 50%.. or in other words.. 2X the Speed of Light.

I've been watching this play out now for months.. I can't wait to see what happens when they drop this FTL bomb on Science.

There are many ways this could pan out for real FTL communication in the near future. For example, the idea of being able to detect if a communication has been intercepted and tampered with. Nobody seems to realize that Tampering contains the seeds of long distance FTL communication.

For example: I send two streams of data with one channel Entangled as an Encoding. Once the two streams are in constant contact at far end, if I meddle with the entangled stream, the other end gets messed up. This of course requires a delay buffer to store the locally Generated Twins, so I can mess with them at the same time their counter parts arrive at a remote location. The data I want sent is embedded in the detected interference with the original encoding/decoding scheme. The stream itself is just a repeatable pattern as a carrier. The Delayed Light Buffer might be something like an Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Ok.. gotta run now.. later.

Dave :^)
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