Married to the Mob

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Married to the Mob

Postby zetreque on July 24th, 2017, 4:52 pm 

New Republic: Married to the Mob
Sept 2017
"Trump's Russian Laundromat"

If anyone can get their hands on that issue it's all about dirty Russian money and a lot of evidence of Trump being a patsy for Russian Mafia laundering billions of dollars. Gives me a really sick feeling reading about how Russia has funneled it's money into the US and through what is now president patsy.

But whatever his knowledge about the source of his wealth, the public record makes clear that Trump built his business empire in no small part with a lot of dirty money from a lot of dirty Russians- including the dirtiest and most feared of them all.

There is thread on here about if Russia is really that bad. This gives a whole new insight into it.

A question is just how much is Trump aware that he is a patsy? Obviously you run fancy hotels you get wealthy tenants but to what extent did the guy we call president of our country knowingly contribute to one of the most "evil" forces in the country/ world by letting Russia finances his empire. With all the trips documented to Russia over the years and deals building hotels there and undocumented deals under private entities it's pretty sketchy. There might not be a smoking gun but when you add everything up together it seems like one.

"willfully violated anti-money laundering regulations for years" at Trump Taj Mahal

Throughout the 1990s, untold millions from the former soviet Union flowed into Trump's Atlantic City casinos. But all the money wasn't enough to save Trump from his own failings as a businessman. He owed $4 billion to more than 70 banks, with a mind boggling 800 million of it personally guaranteed. He spent much of the decade mired in litigation, filing for multiple bankruptcies and scrambling to survive. For most developers, the situation would have spelled financial ruin. But fortunately for Trump, his own economic crisis coincided with one in Russia.

In 1998, Russia defaulted on the 40 billion in debt, causing the ruble to plummet and Russian banks to close. The ensuing financial panic sent the country;s oligarchs and mobsters scrambling to find a safe place to put their money. That October, just two months after the Russian economy went into a tailspin, Trump announced his biggest project yet. Rising to 72 stories in midtown Manhattan, Trump World Tower would be the tallest residential building on the planet. Construction got underway in 1999 just as Trump was preparing his first run for the presidency on the Reform Party ticket and concluded in 2001. As Bloomberg Buisnessweek reported earlier this year, it wasn't long before one-third of the units on the tower's priciest floors had been snatched up either by individual buyers from the former Soviet Union, or by limited liability companies connected to Russia. "We had big buyers from Russia and Ukraine and Kazakhstan, " sales agent Debra Stotts told Bloomberg.
the article continues on and on.

But the story of Donald Trump, self made business genius, left out any mention of the shady Russian investors who had done so much to make his comeback narrative possible (talking about the apprentice)

Deal after deal Trump made just appear to be too good to be true where he didn't have to do anything but put his name on a hotel that was financed by Russian money. Someone hands you money and all you have to do is put your name on it. Wouldn't you ask questions??

Whether Trump knew it or not, Russian mobsters and corrupt oligarchs used his properties not only to launder vast sums of money from extortion, drugs, gambling, and racketeering, but even as a base of operations for their criminal actives. In the process, they propped up Trump's business and enabled him to reinvent his image. Without the Russian mafia, it is fair to say, Donald Trump would not be president of the United States."

Conclusion of this article is basically that our country is now "pwned" by the Russian Mafia aka dirty Russian money.

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Married to th

Postby AlenushkaDew on September 29th, 2017, 7:07 pm 

How odd that he should use the end of the world as a metaphor for his own policy.
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Re: Married to the Mob

Postby Alizeh on October 16th, 2017, 8:36 am 

AlenushkaDew wrote:How odd that he should use the end of the world as a metaphor for his own policy.

hahahah I agree with you.
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