'Don't Be A Sucker'

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'Don't Be A Sucker'

Postby toucana on August 15th, 2017, 6:04 am 

An oddly prescient US propaganda film from the 1940s has found a new viral audience in the wake of the nazi rally in Charlottesville last weekend.


'Don’t Be A Sucker' was originally scripted and filmed by the US Army Signal Corps in 1943. It was re-released for wider public viewing in 1946 and 1947 in two slightly different versions with the permission of the War Department.

The film begins with an affluent but impressionable young businessman called Mike (Robert Bailey) who is standing in a square listening to a soapbox american nazi orator (Richard Lane) fulminating against negroes and foreigners who are "stealing our jobs”.

Mike is joined by an older man (Paul Lukas) with a foreign accent who sighs and says “I’ve heard this kind of talk before, but I never expected to hear it in America,”. Mike however says “It all seems to make good sense to me” and is nodding along until the orator recites a list of enemies that happens to include Freemasons.

“Freemasons ? - Hang on what’s wrong with Freemasons” Mike exclaims, “I’m a Freemason myself !”

“It’s different when they start talking about you isn’t it?” says the older man who now introduces himself as a refugee Hungarian university professor who had witnessed the violence of the brown shirt Sturmabteilung on the streets of Berlin in 1932, and the subsequent rise of Nazism in Germany as a whole.

The film hammers home the message that the Nazis weren’t strong enough to defeat a united Germany, so they broke it down into smaller pieces that could be made to turn on each other, and then abolished science, truth, and reason to complete their criminal conspiracy to seize power and wage war.

The Hungarian professor tells Mike - “Remember, whenever you hear this kind of talk, someone else is always getting something out of it, and it isn’t going to be you”.

The film was later the subject of an academic study by Cooper and Dinerman — working with the Department of Scientific Research of the American Jewish Committee at the Institute of Social Research — They explored how viewers’ attitudes were affected by the film, particularly those of high school students. They published their findings in 1951.
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Re: 'Don't Be A Sucker'

Postby zetreque on August 16th, 2017, 1:34 am 

How about we just halt all development in the USA period!
Hypocrites need to stop having babies. Babies are just more foreigners invading our spaces.
People have lost their marbles or never had any to begin with. None of it makes any sense. Just a bunch of selfish and short sighted people.
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