Chemical Haze Affects Hundreds On Sussex Coast

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Chemical Haze Affects Hundreds On Sussex Coast

Postby toucana on August 28th, 2017, 6:05 am 

Beachy Head Lighthouse shrouded in chemical haze

Around 200 people needed hospital attention after an unidentified chemical haze blew ashore on the south coast of East Sussex in UK yesterday afternoon.

The problem began around 5pm yesterday afternoon when hundreds of holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine on the beach at Birling Gap near Beachy Head noticed what looked like a sea-fret or mist being blown ashore. Panic began to set in as people reported they were suffering from stinging eyes, respiratory difficulties, and vomiting. A number of witnesses reported a strong smell resembling chlorine gas.

Local hospitals and emergency services initiated a Haz-Chem response plan with triage and decontamination tents, and medical personnel in full protective clothing. Local lifeboats were also launched to check for anyone trapped on the beaches, and also to try and find the source of the haze.

Police say the haze has now dispersed but still do not know where the suspected chemical leak came from. Fears that it was chlorine gas have been discounted, and official sources say that it is unlikely that it blew across the channel from France either. The winds for sea area Wight were from the NE according to yesterday's Met Office shipping forecast.

One possibility is that a leak took place from a chemical factory further up the English coast that was initially blown out to sea, and that the haze was then blown back onto shore with a local onshore sea-breeze that often occurs in the late afternoon as the sun starts setting.
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Re: Chemical Haze Affects Hundreds On Sussex Coast

Postby TheVat on August 28th, 2017, 12:52 pm 

I'm sure whatever that chemical company makes, it's very important, and we would all have to go back to living in caves or crude lean-tos without it. Chemicals makes our lives easier, automobiles make us happy and free, antiobiotics make us healthy, elevators prevent knee and ankle distress, plastic diapers keep us from having to come close to poo and piss, the Internet saves us from the boring condition of quietly thinking our own thoughts, central heating and AC keeps up from ever feeling uncomfortable or having to mess around with layers of scratchy wool, leafblowers spare our arms and backs from the unnecessary muscular hypertrophy that comes from raking and stooping and such, weedkillers save us from getting down on our knees and yanking on things, and artificial light keeps us from that annoying tendency to fall asleep and be well-rested when it gets dark (or lie in the dark, thinking about our lives). When a noxious chemical cloud blows over, we should all dance in the streets, celebrating all that technology has done for us. In the future, we can get robots to do the dancing for us, and sit and watch them while we shovel cheezits into our hungry maws.
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Re: Chemical Haze Affects Hundreds On Sussex Coast

Postby Athena on August 28th, 2017, 3:12 pm 

Well, Brainvat, that was not exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking I wouldn't want to own the factory if indeed the chemical came from a factory. We have become a bit intolerant of accidents and fines and law suits would follow a leak. It seems to me any responsible manufacturer would report a leak that would become noticeable to the public so I would suspect something in the ocean leaking? A mystery always gets out attention, right?
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