North Korea Tunnel Collapse. More Than 200 Dead

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North Korea Tunnel Collapse. More Than 200 Dead

Postby toucana on October 31st, 2017, 9:37 am 


The Tokyo based Japanese TV station Asahi (テレ朝 ) has claimed that more than 200 people were killed in a tunnel collapse following an underground thermonuclear test by North Korea in September this year.

The first collapse occurred on 10 September just a week after North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test at the Punggyeri testing site under Mount Mantap ( 만탑산) in the remote Hamyong province of NE Korea.

The test on 3rd September triggered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake followed eight minutes later by another smaller quake consistent with a structural collapse of underground tunnels at the test site.

Japanese reports now say that at least one hundred workers were trapped and killed in the 10 September collapse, and that another hundred rescue workers died almost a fortnight later on 23 September when another 3.1 magnitude after-shock hit the area.

Experts believe that the test site is suffering from 'Tired Mountain Syndrome' as a result of the underground blasts.

The geological condition occurs when underground nuclear blasts cause the surrounding rock to become weak and permeable.

The 38North website which monitors military developments in North Korea says that the effects will extend at least 1.4 kilometres from the detonation point, and that the test site may have to be abandoned in the near future.
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