Chevaline Suspect Leads French Police To Missing Girl

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Chevaline Suspect Leads French Police To Missing Girl

Postby toucana on February 14th, 2018, 8:16 pm 

French prosecutors in Grenoble have confirmed that a suspect Nordahl Lelandais 34 held in custody since last autumn has confessed to killing Maëlys de Araujo, and led them to the place where her body was buried.

The disappearance of the nine year old girl from a wedding at Chambery in south eastern France in August 2017 led to one of the largest man-hunts in modern French history. Nordahl Lelandais who was an uninvited guest, was arrested after CCTV footage of his car and forensic trace evidence found inside it identified him as a suspect.

It was only when police began studying the mobile phone belonging to Lelandais that they suddenly realised they had also inadvertently solved another high profile murder case from the same area, that of a 24 y/o soldier called Arthur Noyer who vanished while hitch-hiking back to his barracks after a night out in a local town in April 2017. Cell tower activation data for Noyer’s phone exactly matched that of Nordahl Lelandais, and cross-referenced with footage of his distinctive black car caught by traffic cameras on the night of the murder.

Armed with evidence of a serial killer at work in the area, French police have now re-opened all unsolved missing person/homicide cases in the entire Haute Savoie area of France, including the brutal murder in September 2012 of a French cyclist and members of a British family of holiday-makers on an alpine forest road near Chevaline.

French prosecutors strongly suspect that Nordahl Lelandais, a former military dog-trainer, was also involved in the disappearance of a young Belgian chef Adrian Mourialmé who vanished near Lake Annecy in July 2017, and the mysterious disappearance of two music fans who vanished exactly a year apart while hitching home from an annual electronic music festival held at Fort Tamie near Albertville in September 2011 and 2012.
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