Austin Parcel Bomb Suspect Killed In Explosion

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Austin Parcel Bomb Suspect Killed In Explosion

Postby toucana on March 21st, 2018, 7:53 am 

The prime suspect in the recent spate of parcel bomb attacks in Austin Texas has died after detonating an explosive device in his car.

According to a statement by Austin police, investigators had identified a suspect who was traced to a hotel in the Round Rock area north of the state capital. In a fast moving denouement, a stake-out team who were awaiting the arrival of a full tactical response unit were forced to close in when the suspect’s vehicle tried to drive away. The suspect detonated an explosive device after armed officers approached his vehicle. One officer was injured in the blast as another opened fire.

Five related explosions had taken place in and around Austin since 2 March this year killing three men and injuring a number of others. All of the attacks involved parcel bombs. The victims being targeted were black or hispanic males.

The most recent explosion on 20 March took place at a FedEx parcel depot in Schertz and injured one man. Police say the parcel was due for shipment to Austin Texas. Late on Tuesday police used footage from a FedEx store on Brodie Lane in South Austin to identify the suspect who was traced to a hotel.

The suspect is said to be a 24 y/o white male who was disguised in a blonde wig and MAGA style cap when filmed on FedEx CCTV security cameras.

Police have warned the public to remain vigilant in case other explosive devices remain undiscovered, or are still being processed within the postal delivery system
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