Trump ‘Space Force’ Meets Flat Earth Flak

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Trump ‘Space Force’ Meets Flat Earth Flak

Postby toucana on August 10th, 2018, 5:28 pm 


The recent announcement by president Trump of the proposed creation of a new service called ‘Space Force’ has run into unexpected opposition from some of his most ardent supporters.

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence announced plans to launch “Space Force,” a sixth branch of the U.S. military by 2020. The proposed branch would be reserved specifically for outer space operations.

But criticism has come from the Flat Earth Society who believe that space travel is either impossible, or at best cost prohibitive. They claim that the Earth is not round, but a disk, maybe one covered with a dome.

Flat earthers believe that, even if manned spacecraft made their way into orbit (manned spacecraft are currently in orbit), photographic evidence of a round Earth wouldn’t change their minds.

“They would only be able to observe the illuminated portion of the Earth, which would be roughly circular in shape,” said spokesperson Pete Svarrior “Hypothetically, this shouldn't be conclusive either way.”

Many pro-Trump flat-earthers believe that NASA is part of a deep-state plot to dupe the masses into believing that the world is round. A more recondite version of this idea is promoted by a sub-sect called “QAnon flat earthers club,” which also accuses Hillary Clinton of being a pedophile and German Chancellor Angela Merkel of being Adolf Hitler’s daughter.

Flat eartherism, already popular among a small set of conservative evangelicals, now crops up semi-regularly in forums for QAnon, a psychotic pro-Trump conspiracy theory movement whose adherents are seen with growing frequency at Trump rallies holding ups signs saying “we are Q”. Both the flat earth and pro-Trump movements share strands of the same conspiratorial, counter-factual DNA, and as one commentator put it, “When Earth is flat, other untruths are trivial.”
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