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Coral Reef Health

PostPosted: October 27th, 2019, 2:16 am
by doogles
I just heard about this today on a television program about the reef, so I assume it will be novel to some other members too. We don't often get good news, so here it is.

Rivera-Posada et al (2014; ... 9114002658) reported that bovine bile salts had recently replaced sodium bisulfate as the chemical used to inject, and thereby quickly and efficiently kill, individual crown of thorns starfish. There was no immediate flow-on effects on reef fish, corals, and other benthic invertebrates when observed in laboratory experiments and field surveys.

Bostrom-Einarsson et al (2018; ... 9117309973) found that a single commercial vinegar injection into crown of thorns starfish (COTS) caused death, and that scavenging fish ensured that few traces of decaying COTS were visible 72 h post-injection. There was a lack of any observed environmental impact.

The procedure involves injecting each starfish individually using a hypodermic needle (16 gauge x half inch) which I used for years on an automatic syringe and supply pack for vaccinating calves.

The people involved in the video regarded this procedure as practical, and I'm sure that if required, there would be plenty of volunteers willing to spend time helping with such eradications.