The reason my favorite color is blue.

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The reason my favorite color is blue.

Postby Holly on February 22nd, 2019, 4:02 pm 

For me I decided these are my parameters:

1. I wanted a color that is rare in nature to produce like in animals and discovery.
2.I wanted the truest form of that color possible, For example I want true blue no purple, or other tints.
3. This one I added TODAY: The blue can be found in a box of Crayola-Crayons.

First New Shade of Blue Discovered in 200 Years. ... la-crayon/

This is why blue is so rare in nature:
(Blue eyes are not actually blue, blue sky NOPE, blue ocean SORRY! Also only 1% of the animals you see are actually blue.)

Why is Blue so Rare in Nature?
(Uncle joke at the end of the video)

The Invention of Blue (The history of the use of blue and words to express blue)

My husband asked me an interesting question in relationship to this article that I had to point out. How is a color discovered when we can produce a RGB color code for it? But we apparently missed the point, it is the exact reason BLUE is my favorite color. Blue is hard for the Earth to produce this is an actual product that we create in the real world. ... YInMn-blue
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Re: The reason my favorite color is blue.

Postby DragonFly on February 23rd, 2019, 1:02 am 

My science and poetics of the colors video (I just corrected the subtitles; click CC for them):

(Blue food is rare and seems not to be tasty, but, otherwise, blue invigorates.)
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