The Blob!

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The Blob!

Postby TheVat on October 18th, 2019, 3:14 pm 

When researchers put nutrients at the end of a maze, the blob searched for a way to the food, retreating from dead ends to find the shortest possible way to the prize. That’s because it leaves a slime trail that tells itself where it has been, The Post’s Sarah Kaplan reported.

The blob stretches in such an efficient manner that it has replicated human design. One blob re-created the Tokyo rail system after scientists scattered oat flakes in a pattern that resembled Japanese cities around the capital region, Wired reported, in a stunning development that one day could lead to engineers looking to slime for cues on urban planning. ... lic-debut/

After introducing the experiment to a new blob and allowing it to merge with another, the new super blob showed incredible wisdom.

“Somehow during the merging process, the naive cells learned a behavior for a situation that they themselves had never experienced,” Harvard University wrote in a summary of the findings.

The zoo coronation has been a journey for the organism. Some have taken to calling it “dog vomit” for its murky yellowish color, but its informal name comes from the film “The Blob,” a 1958 Steve McQueen B-movie about a creature from space that consumes two Pennsylvania towns in a bout of alien rage.

Could that really happen? Could it gobble up the Paris zoo? All it needs is a reason. We know the blob can find a way.
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