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Interview with a COVID

PostPosted: September 16th, 2020, 10:14 pm
by SciameriKen
Greetings all - Happy to announce a new experiment:

Interview with a COVID!

Its been quite a while since I last did an experiment - COVID certainly has made life crazy! Luckily I did not catch it to my knowledge - but the following experiment involves my discussions with someone who did!


Re: Interview with a COVID

PostPosted: September 18th, 2020, 5:57 am
by edy420
Very thorough, I did enjoy.

Its hard to get a real gauge on the level of discomfort by testimony alone though. A UFC fighter just had a runny nose for half a day, whereas another had painful headaches for a couple days. So it seems it will still affect very fit and healthy people too, to varying degrees.

Could you ask for a discomfort level, in comparison to other illnesses? I would rate a migraine 9/10. A flu, 5-7. A cold 3-4. And based on others testimony of Covid, a 7 or 8 for the average person or 2-5 for someone fit and healthy.

When Tom Hanks caught Covid, I thought he was a gonner for sure. Not the most fit person, middle age etc. But it seems he had a similar experience to the one described in your interview. If he could compare his experience of discomfort during Covid and a flu or cold, it would give some helpful insight.