How to Rebuild the World From Scratch

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How to Rebuild the World From Scratch

Postby zetreque on May 26th, 2014, 12:36 am 

The Royal Institution - The Knowledge: How to Rebuild the World From Scratch (Lewis Dartnell)

I know there are many people out there who have had these same thoughts like me. What to do if 99.9% of the people on Earth dropped dead?

Well this guy went out explored it, and wrote a book about it. :)
It's interesting to listen to him go over all the all the knowledge we have built up as a society/culture that is really important to modern living.

I have always wanted to try to smelt my own knife, or anything metal. I think that would be so cool.
I also always wanted to make glass from scratch too.

One of the most recent movies that comes to mind is "I am Legend". I would have been perfectly happy if that movie was just Will Smith wondering around rebuilding the world from scratch (In this scenario talked about here obviously it's not from scratch--we can scavenge). Most people would think that movie boring without much of a plot, but I enjoy that kind of stuff by itself, such as Tom Hanks Castaway.

Most of the people reading this I assume are fairly educated and knowledgeable in tech and science, but most people would struggle so much more.

One interesting thing toward the end. What one idea would you most want to pass onto the new world? The scientific method was mentioned. I say "green" energy. Lathes are also important tools to archive and this archive they talk about should be a very well known public collection that you would find in every town library. Not something locked. I think it rather a nice idea to have this simplified and standardized archive of knowledge to restart the world, because we can put all the good stuff in it like clean energy sources.

The first generation born after this new beginning would be where it really takes a new kind of shape.

New new world would be majorly made out of aluminium, glass, and copper maybe!! :)

What other thoughts to people have if they get the time to watch the above talk?
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