Pakistan PM Deposed - By A Font

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Pakistan PM Deposed - By A Font

Postby toucana on July 29th, 2017, 2:43 am 

Nawaz Sharif - Reuters

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has been forced to resign from office over a corruption scandal that was exposed in part because of a font used in a document.

The problems for PM Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Sharif began after a large leak of financial documents in 2016 known as the ‘Panama Papers’ raised questions about whether they had used public money to buy luxury property holdings in London and elsewhere.

Investigators appointed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court had concluded that there was a significant disparity between the income of the prime minister’s family and their lifestyle.

Much of the case focused on who benefited from ownerships of the properties. Documents submitted in defence of the Sharif family appeared to show that Maryam Sharif was only a trustee of the company that bought the flats in question.

Investigators noticed however that the declaration in a document dated to February 2006 was typed in a Calibri font that was not introduced and made commercially available by Microsoft until 2007. They dismissed the documents which were assessed by Radley Forensics Document Laboratory in London as “falsified.

Allies of the Sharif family said the Calibri font has been available since 2004, but its creator, a Dutch designer called Lucas de Groot said it was unlikely Calibri had been used in any official documents in 2006. It only became officially available as part of a Microsoft Office 2007 software package release.

The revelation dubbed Fontgate sparked widespread debate in Pakistan and prompted Wikipedia to take the unusual decision to lock its page on Calibri to prevent further editing.
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