Carter Page Testimony Supports Steele Dossier Rosneft Claim

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Carter Page Testimony Supports Steele Dossier Rosneft Claim

Postby toucana on November 7th, 2017, 5:26 am 

The House Intelligence Committee has released a transcript of six hours of testimony given by former Trump aide Carter Page last week.

One part of the testimony appears to support a key claim of the controversial Steele dossier that was published by Buzz Feed in January 2017 relating to an alleged brokerage fee on the sale of a 19.5% share in Rosneft, a subsidiary of the giant Russian state-owned Gazprom energy consortium.

Under questioning from Rep. Adam Schiff, Trump campaign advisor Carter Page admitted that his trip to Russia in July 2016 had been paid for by Russia, and that while in Moscow he had met Andrey Baranof who was the head of investor relations at Rosneft. Under further questioning, Carter Page admitted that “he might have discussed” a proposed sale of a 19% share of Rosneft along with a brokerage fee that could have been worth up to $500 million to the parties who helped to facilitate it.

The full details of the 19.5% Rosneft sale in December 2016 are complex in the extreme and are still under investigation. A fuller account can be found here:

The essence is that the Russian economy was facing a serious budget deficit in 2016 arising from president Obama’s program of sanctions against Russia following their annexation of the Crimean peninsula and their subsequent military aggression against Ukraine. Putin authorised a fire-sale of a 19.5% stake in Rosneft to plug this financial hole, but he still needed help in negotiating the sale to a mysterious consortium of Qatari and other investors in a way that circumvented American sanctions on the transfer of assets.

The Russians spotted the possibility of enlisting the help of Donald Trump’s business organization who already had close links with the Qatari investor QIA (they were tenants in Trump Tower NY), and offered a $500 milion brokerage fee as an inducement. They also allegedly spotted the possibilty of a political quid pro quo by offering covert political help to Trump’s US presidential camapaign.

The claim is that they offered hacked emails and ‘dirt’ on his opponent Hillary Clinton, along with a weaponised propaganda campaign using Russian bot-farms and micro-targeted social media advertising with the help of stolen US voter database information.

The key fix Russia expected in return for such help was a substantial weakening of US economic sanctions against Russia. Trump and his campaign team had already signalled a willingness to work along such lines by watering down a key policy statement on American policy towards Ukraine at the RNC soon after the infamous Mayflower Hotel meeting with Russian ambassador Kislyak on 27 April 2016.

The suspicion is that Carter Page’s meeting in Moscow in July 2016 was a further stage of this arrangement which was completed shortly after Trump’e election victory when Carter Page went back to Moscow on 8 December. The Rosneft sale was confirmed the following day.
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Re: Carter Page Testimony Supports Steele Dossier Rosneft Cl

Postby TheVat on November 7th, 2017, 11:15 am 

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More dots being connected between Trump and the Rosneft deal.
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