FBI Raid Saipan Casino Offices

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FBI Raid Saipan Casino Offices

Postby toucana on May 4th, 2018, 11:05 am 

Imperial Pacific Casino - Saipan

An unusual sleeper story is catching the interest of bloggers interested in the business affairs of the Trump family. It concerns an ongoing series of raids by FBI officers on the Saipan offices of Imperial Pacific International Holdings who are a company of Hong Kong based casino operators.


Many US citizens will have little idea where Saipan is located, and still less that it has been an American Commonwealth territory for the last 73 years. Saipan is a small island located in the western Pacific at the tip of the Northern Marianas group. Long regarded as one of the outer bastion defences of the Japanese archipelago, it was the site of a large battle between US Marines and the Japanese Imperial army in 1944. The smaller island of Tinian located just south of Saipan was subsequently levelled by the Seabees and converted into a giant military airfield. The B29 bombers which dropped the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki took off from Tinian.

A couple of years ago, a newly constituted company called Imperial Pacific who are registered in Hong Kong applied for a 25 year license to open up a new $516m tourist resort and casino facility on Saipan. The deal that was struck has attracted the scrutiny of US legal authorities for a number of different reasons:

The first concerns related to the use of illegal and unregistered aliens as construction workers. The FBI conducted one set of raids back in 2017 as part of an inquiry into pay, working conditions and documentation status of foreign workers employed on the casino construction site.

A second concern was the level of financial benefit arising from the casino license deal worth $15m p.a. that was winding up directly in the hands of Ralph Torres the US Governor of the Northern Marianas, and members of his immediate family, a number of whom appear to have benefited from long term land-deals or been retained as legal consultants by Imperial Pacific.

The most significant concern however relates to the improbable levels of profit reported by the casino which is said to have between $2billion to $4billion worth of bets passing over its gaming tables *per month*. This is many times higher than the best figures for the most famous five star casinos located in the former Portugese colony of Macao which is normally regarded as one of the most lucrative gambling centres on earth.

The bet volumes reported for the new Saipan casino are simply impossible to achieve according to industry analysts. Unsurprisingly perhaps the FBI have recently carried out a large raid and document seizure on Saipan - (The parent company Imperial Pacific have denied that any such raid took place, while Governor Ralph Torres has threatened to sue Matthew Campbell the Bloomberg journalist who first reported the story.)


What connection might this story have to the business affairs of Donald Trump ? Well, Mark Brown the Chairman of Imperial Pacific is a former protege of Donald Trump who used to run his Atlantic City casino operations for him. Those casinos were retrospectively fined record amounts of money by US regulators for a number of serious statutory offences.

The publicity and media spokesperson for Imperial Pacific is Corey Lewandoski who was the original campaign chairman for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Another board member is GOP politician Haley Barbour who was a lobbyist for the Russian Alfa Bank which became the subject of a FISA warrant in November 2016 in connection with the ongoing FBI enquiry into Russian election tampering.
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