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PostPosted: July 5th, 2018, 1:32 pm
by toucana

Four days ago Alex Jones of Infowars solemnly warned his 830,000 Twitter followers that the Democrats planned to launch a new Civil War on July 4th to oust President Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party did not comment, but on Twitter Jones' claim inspired an explosion of parody letters from the front, using the hashtag #SecondCivilWarletters.

What time's the war?" enquired US model and regular Trump baiter Chrissy Teigen, keen to avoid a scheduling conflict.

Others followed with reports of the (imaginary) action.


While many tweets preserved the brave-but-dolorous tone of real letters from America's civil war, others imagined a better fate for the Democrats.


A larger selection of #SecondCivilWarletters despatches can be found at ... s?src=tren

Re: #SecondCivilWarletters

PostPosted: July 5th, 2018, 3:05 pm
by TheVat
Those are funny.

Dearest Mary,

We came upon a contingent of Irregulars today, in a WalMart. I am referring to the employees, not the racks of hastily-sewn clothing. When they saw us, they confessed to utter exhaustion from their struggle to survive on minimum wage, and surrendered immediately. The mere mention of the word "Union" caused their wan and haggard faces to brighten.