Alt-Reich Attempts To Smear Mueller

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Alt-Reich Attempts To Smear Mueller

Postby toucana on October 31st, 2018, 5:51 am 

Two conservative Twitter activists associated with Donald Trump have been caught red-handed trying to smear Special counsel Robert Mueller. The plot has now been referred to the FBI for investigation

About two weeks ago a pair of publicists called Jacob Wohl and Jack Burmann, who are well known for attempting to promote right-wing consipracy theories on the murkier parts on the internet began dropping leaden hints that “a major scandal” involving Robert Mueller was about to break.

Around the same time, multiple press and news media sources were contacted by a woman Lorraine Parsons who claimed that she had been approached by a man working for an agency called Surefire Intelligence offering her substantial sums of money if she would agree to sign affidavits claiming that Robert Mueller had been guilty of sexual misconduct towards her some years previously.

Another woman called Jennifer Taup also came forward with a similar report. She happens to be a Vermont Law professor who has never met Robert Mueller in her life. She forwarded the correspondence she had received from a man called Simon Frick from Surefire Intelligence to the office of the Special counsel, which led to the FBI referral.

Journalists have quickly discovered that Surefire Intelligence was only incorporated in Delaware three weeks ago (Delaware is a state with famously lax regulations on shell-company registrations). They also discovered that the listed phone number for Surefire Intelligence re-directs to another number that happens to be the voicemail of Jacob Wohl’s mother. (Hint - It’s not a good idea use your mom’s phone number if you are trying to set up a criminal media scam).

Closer inspection of the Linkedin profiles of the persons listed as senior members of Surefire Intelligence show that their photos are all stolen from a variety of stock agency modelling sources, or those of minor C-List celebrities. The ‘financial investigator’ is a picture of actor Christolph Waltz. The ’Tel Aviv station chief’ is actually Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli, while the image of 'Managing Partner Matthew Cohen' is a doctored image of Jacob Wohl himself.

Wohl and fellow conservative activist Jim Hoft reportedly wanted the women contacted by Surefire Intelligence to sign sworn affidavits saying Mueller assaulted them at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City on August 2, 2010.

But The Washington Post reported that on that day, Mueller was summoned to Washington, DC, to perform jury duty. He was also FBI director at the time and traveled everywhere with an FBI detail.
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Re: Alt-Reich Attempts To Smear Mueller

Postby TheVat on October 31st, 2018, 10:19 am 

. (Hint - It’s not a good idea use your mom’s phone number if you are trying to set up a criminal media scam).

A moment of comic relief is welcome. So much ugliness in our politics here.
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