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American Oversight

Postby toucana on November 23rd, 2019, 7:02 am 

A group of citizen litigators called American Oversight has won an Article iii court ruling that forced the State Department to turn over some 100 pages of official documents relating to contacts between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani, and the White House

According to Austin Evers the executive director of American Oversight, the fact that these documents could be obtained under FOIA procedures indicates that the White House had no legal basis for witholding them from Congress in the first place- (as they did when asked to supply them to Congressional impeachment investigators).

None of these documents are classified as secret, nor do they fall under executive privilege. They just happen to be uniquely politically embarrassing. One set of emails already released shows a clear paper trail dating back to March of this year that documents how Mike Pompeo colluded with Rudy Giuliani to smear then serving Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and did so with the help of Donald Trump’s personal secretary Madeleine Westerhout who was fired in August.

Austin Evers says that American Oversight have some dozens more of these FOIA requests pending, and that they intend to put everything online as they receive it.

From the sound of it they may need to upgrade their web-hosting. Their website promptly crashed when news of the FOIA release broke, but is now up and running again.

The download link for the released documents is on the front page.
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