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“This Sure Sounds Like A Mob Hit”

PostPosted: January 15th, 2020, 9:19 pm
by toucana
As the House of Representatives moved Articles of Impeachement to the Senate today, fresh evidence has been released by the House Intelligence Committee from a treasure trove of new documents passed to them by Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, one half of ‘Fraud Guarantee LLC’ (and no, that is not a made-up name).

One part of this trove of documents appears to document a conspiracy between Lev Parnas and another Trump confidant called Robert F. Hyde which involved setting up physical
and electronic surveillance on Marie Yovanovitch, the US ambassador to Ukraine.
The personal threat to Yovanovitch was apparently greater than previously known. Among the many stunning elements of the documents released Tuesday night were a series of breathtaking WhatsApp messages between Parnas and Robert F. Hyde, a Republican running for congress in Connecticut. Hyde was messaging Parnas last spring about Yovanovitch. “Fuck that bitch,” Hyde messaged Parnas on March 22, in response to a series of articles and tweets Parnas had sent him highlighting Giuliani’s then-underway media campaign against the ambassador. The next morning, Hyde continued: “Wow. Can’t believe Trum[p] hasn’t fired this bitch. I’ll get right in that.” Within a few hours, it appeared that Hyde had Yovanovitch under direct surveillance. He messaged Parnas: “She under heavy protection outside Kiev.” The exchange of articles continued, then two days later on March 25, Hyde sent Parnas a message saying, “what should I do with this?,” then “they are moving her tomorrow?,” then “The guys over they asked me what I would like to do and what is in it for them,” then “Wake up Yankees man,” and then “she talked to three people. Her phone is off. Computer is off.” The messages about her apparent whereabouts continued throughout the day. “The address I sent you checks out,” Hyde wrote. “It’s next to the embassy,” he continued. And then, ominously: “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price.” Hyde added: “Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money…what I was told.”

Former SDNY federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah tweeted that “As a former mafia prosecutor, this sure sounds like a mob hit was being planned on a public servant in a foreign country by associates of the POTUS. A POTUS who said she was ‘going to go through some things.”

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance tweeted that “This is bone-chilling. We must know all the facts & particularly whether there was a conspiracy to harm an Ambassador.”

Re: “This Sure Sounds Like A Mob Hit”

PostPosted: January 24th, 2020, 7:40 pm
by toucana
ABC News has gained access to a copy of a tape recording of president Trump speaking to associates about removing then US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Sources familiar with the recording say it was made during an intimate dinner on 30 April 2018 at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC attended by Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s Ukrainian associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

In the recording Trump can be heard saying:
Get rid of her !
Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care.
Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK ? Do it”

Given that Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were a pair of Ukrainian fixers who did not work for the US government and had no authority to fire anyone, it is rather difficult to supply an innocent meaning to such remarks .

For context here is what happened to two other figures who incurred the wrath of the Ukrainian underworld in 2018:

Kateryna Handzyuk a female Ukrainian city councillor in the city of Kherson who was a prominent anti-corruption campaigner was attacked by an unknown man who poured a litre of concentrated sulphuric acid over her head. She suffered burns to over 30% of her body and died in hospital four months later after 11 operations failed to save her life.

The attack on Kateryna Handzyuk in July 2018 happened on the same day that another prominent military veteran and anti-corruption activist called Vitaly Oleshko was shot in the back and killed by a sniper armed with a hunting rifle in Berdyansk.

“Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money ..” as Lev Parnas’s Republican friend Robert Hyde said to him in a text.

Re: “This Sure Sounds Like A Mob Hit”

PostPosted: January 26th, 2020, 12:22 pm
by TheVat
What's disturbing to me is that a recent poll shows that a significant portion of Republicans acknowledge Trump's actions being criminal but STILL don't favor his removal.

...there was one easy-to-miss gem in the Pew Research Center’s findings:

Among the two-thirds of Republicans who say Trump has definitely or probably not done things that are illegal, nearly all (97%) say that he should remain in office following the Senate trial. While a majority of the 32% of Republicans who say Trump has likely done illegal things either during the campaign or while in office also say he should remain in office (59%), about four-in-ten (38%) say the president should be removed from office. ... w-breaking

That attitude, of acceptance of a leader who breaks the law, seems like one more characteristic of someone in a cult than of a citizen of a democratic country.