“Our Human Capital Stock Is Ready To Get Back To Work”

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“Our Human Capital Stock Is Ready To Get Back To Work”

Postby toucana on May 26th, 2020, 3:41 pm 

"Our capital stock hasn't been destroyed — our human capital stock is ready to get back to work, and so there are lots of reasons to believe that we can get going way faster than we have in previous crises," 


The remarks made on CNN this Sunday by Kevin Hasset who is a top economic adviser to president Trump have provoked some angry discussion with critics calling the term dehumanizing.
“Human Capital Stock.”
Holy Hell, we’re living in Soylent Green”.

Wrote one Twitter user called ‘Woman In The Moon’ in response.

This is a reference to a dystopian science fiction thriller film called Soylent Green (1973) directed by Richard Fleischer, and starring Charlton Heston and Leigh Taylor-Young. (Edward G. Robinson also makes a final film appearance).


Loosely based on the novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison, it is set in a climate catastrophe future where greenhouse warming has destroyed much of the world’s food production. Most of the population live in abject poverty under the control of an authoritarian police state governed by a small hyper-privileged elite who are serviced by concubines referred to as ‘furniture’.

Soylent Industries (from ‘Soy’ and ‘lentil’) are a mega-corporation who synthesise half the world’s food supply, supposedly from oceanic plankton.

Frank Thorn, a New York police detective who is investigating the murder of a wealthy financier then makes an unsettling discovery as to what the real ingredients of ‘Soylent Green’ might be .
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Re: “Our Human Capital Stock Is Ready To Get Back To Work”

Postby Serpent on May 27th, 2020, 12:00 am 

Much of the human capital may be compliant....
but there are elements down there with observable reservations.
They may have to start the labor Union Movement all over again.
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