Sabotage against Iranian weapons facilities ?

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Sabotage against Iranian weapons facilities ?

Postby toucana on July 5th, 2020, 6:02 pm 


The badly damaged Natanz uranium enrichment site in Iran.

There is growing speculation that military facilities in Iran are under sustained attack by sabotage after six unexplained explosions, fires and major power failures in the last few days.

26 June: An explosion at the Khojir missile complex in Parchin near Tehran.
- Hours later, 600 miles south in Shiraz, the power went out.

30 June: An explosion killed 19 people at the Sina Athar medical clinic in central Tehran.

2 July: An 'incident' was reported by Iranian media at the Natanz nuclear fuel facility.

3 July: A huge fire in Shiraz, the same town hit by the power outage days earlier.

4 July: A fire at a power station in Ahvaz in southern Iran.

Publicly at least, Iranian officials have attributed the fires at the Parchin military base and the Sina Athar clinic in Tehran to ‘gas leaks’.

Kuwait's al Jarida newspaper later quoted a "senior security source" saying that the attack on Parchin was carried out by an Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jet. Open source satellite images show evidence of a very large fire that would be more consistent with a large rocket fuel storage fire than a gas leak.

The incident at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility was described by officials as ‘minor’ even though photographs show that the roof was blown off and the windows burnt out. Some sources including the NYT suggest that either a bomb was planted there, or that centrifuge systems ran amok after their control systems were hacked (as allegedly happened once before in 2010 with the Stuxnet virus attack).

Much of the Natanz complex is located underground.

No explanation has been offered by the Iranian government for the other recent electrical blackouts in Shiraz, or the fire at the Ahvaz power station, apart from a photograph of a transformer yard on fire there.

If these incidents are part of a co-ordinated attack on the infrastructure of Iran’s nuclear program, then the Israeli Defence Force are likely to be the prime suspects.

Asked about the incident in Natanz, Israeli foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi said:
"We have a long-term policy... not to allow Iran to have nuclear abilities.

"This regime with those abilities is an existential threat to Israel... we take actions that are better left unsaid.”

It follows a pattern by Israel of neither confirming nor denying involvement in attacks which take place frequently against Iranian targets in Syria and Iran.
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