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See Emily Play

PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 9:59 am
by toucana

Back in early December 2017, in the closing days of the first year of the Trump administration, I happened to tune into a YouTube live stream of a minor Federal government event.

It was the formal swearing-in of a woman called Emily W. Murphy as the new US General Services Administration Adminstrator. You can watch the stream if you wish, as it’s still up on the link above.

She was introduced at the lectern first by Timothy Horne, who like so many others in the Trump administration was an Acting Administrator, and then by Mick Mulvaney the director of OMB (Office Management & Budget) who later became president Trump’s Chief of Staff for a year in 2019.

You can watch Emily take her oath of office to the Constitution, and then do a simpering Oscars style acceptance speech at the lectern - neither of which have worn very well over time. She finishes her brief speech by inviting everyone present to pile into the coffee and donuts behind her, which at a cursory glance appears to be her staple diet.

I had an odd feeling at the time that this wouldn’t be her last rodeo on the public stage, and so it has proved.

Barely a few days into her tenure at GSA in December 2017, Emily Murphy found herself in the middle of a heated political controversy over the abrupt cancellation of the new FBI headquarters project. The FBI were on the brink of a long scheduled move from the ageing J. Edgar Hoover Building which was falling apart and no longer secure, when president Trump suddenly intervened and cancelled the entire project. Democrat politicians claimed that Trump deliberately killed the plan in order to prevent the vacant site from being developed into a hotel that might compete with the Trump Hotel just across the street.

The White House denied that Trump’s business interests had played any part in this decision, and Emily Murphy was called in front of a Congressional oversight committee where she testified that the decision to stop the FBI moving its HQ came solely from the FBI without Trump’s involvement.

But three months later, the GSA inspector general (IG) released a report finding that Murphy's statement to Congress was "incomplete and may have left the misleading impression that she had no discussions with White House officials in the decision-making."[ According to the report, Murphy and other GSA officials had multiple meetings with Trump about the FBI headquarters, specifically a two-day meeting in January 2018 between Murphy, Trump, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, and budget director Mick Mulvaney.The IG report also found that GSA officials misrepresented the costs of an alternative plan to build a new FBI headquarters in downtown D.C., portraying the replacement plan as cheaper than the original plan when it would actually be more expensive.

After this debacle, Emily W. Murphy somehow managed to keep both her job, and her head under the parapet, until the 2020 US presidential elections took place on Tuesday the 3rd November. By Friday 6th November the decision desks of every single polling and media organisation of any significance had called the election result in favour of the Democrat challenger Joe Biden and VP elect Kamala Harrison.

At this point, Emily Murphy as GSA adminstrator had exactly one job left to do, which was to sign-off the documentation authorising all Federal government agencies to begin the normal process of assigning budgets, office space, computer and IT resources (including emails and website addresses) and begin briefing the members of the incoming administration so that an orderly and peaceful transition of government can take place.

Emily Murphy however remains unconvinced. Two full weeks after the election was called for the Biden ticket, she apparently remains unconvinced as to what the electoral outcome really is, and what precise legal threshold has to be passed for her to put down her donuts and pick up her pen to sign-off the transition authorisation.

According to CNN, president Trump has refused to concede, and has quite deliberately chosen to obstruct the peaceful transition, partly out of personal spite, and so that he can also carry on fleecing money out of his MAGA base supporters - supposedly to “Fight the steal”. The presumption is that the GSA administrator who originallly began her career as an administrative assistant at the Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking her cues from president Trump on this matter.

As of Monday next week, many more of the election results will fall due for official certification. Emily W. Murphy is then likely to find herself being called in front of a Congressional oversight committee on subpoena for the second time, and asked to explain her behaviour.

With a raging pandemic killing thousands of Americans a day and the entire process of federal government in a needless deadlock because of her actions, it’s unlikely to go well for her.

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 3:07 pm
by edy420
Note: This post contains misinformation, conspiracy theories, and lacks documentation of its claims.
Please factcheck all content. Further violation of our Terms of Service may result in a ban from this website.

All the left wing media and social media is suppressing information. Even sensoring people who talk about the evidence of voter fraud.

I don't see Trump going down without a fight. He's been duped.

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 5:07 pm
by toucana
You might want to open a dictionary and figure out how to spell 'censor', 'censure' and 'censoring' (A US variant of 'censuring' ?)

Just a suggestion :-)

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 5:18 pm
by TheVat

Scroll down for factchecks on election results. Good starting point. ... -election/

Another good independent factchecking organization. This page provides a useful summary of fact checking of many rumours and conspiracy claims in circulation in social media and elsewhere.

Due to the importance of our election integrity in the United States right now, all comments on this board will require the author to do factchecking before posting, and supplying evidence from reliable sources in support of claims. Reliable sources should be nonpartisan professionals, and news divisions "firewalled" from any corporate ownership. Signed opinion columns, editorials and talk show excerpts should be backed by straight news articles. Thank you.

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 8:39 pm
by edy420
.. I'm guessing, just not articles from Fox News, The New York Post, or Newsmax network. Only left wing media accepted? Reminds me of Twitter and Facebook.

How can I provide links, when left wing media blatenly avoids topics. Like the recent attacks on trump supporters, no footage provided, because the footage lacked context. Yet if I look at the raw footage, I see people being blown up with fireworks.

If your going to start censoring (thanks for the tip) me, then I need to move on. Find a real philosophical website, that's open to correcting false speech with correct speech, instead of outright shutting down conversation.

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PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 9:34 pm
by toucana
If you haven't already done so then might I respectfully suggest that you could migrate to the brand new chat service Parler at your earliest convenience ?

You will find it populated by people just like you. Patriots who vehemently believe in everything you apparently believe in, and who will be happy to discuss their ideas at length without the tiresome encumbrance of providing any factual references or objective evidence for what they assert.

Parler themselves say that they like to keep bans to an absolute minimum, and they don't fact-check posts. So it functions as a totally safe space, devoid of challenge and criticism, for the likes of the the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, as well as the anti-vaxxers, Covid-19 deniers and the QAnon flat-earth fundamentalists too.

The only fly-in-the-ointment might be the absence of one Donald J. Trump who currently does not have an account on Parler, although I am reliably informed that he may well consider migrating there after 20th January 2021 - once Twitter removes the account from his control and passes it to president Biden.

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 11:51 am
by TheVat
Note: Edy has not been censored, but rather asked to respect SCF Terms of Service and provide objective evidence for his claims. Nor has SCF disallowed news reports from Fox News, provided they come from its NEWS division, and can be corroborated elsewhere. We do have some standards here, so shock-jocks with talk shows who freely spin and rumour-monger in a partisan vein are disallowed. That's not censorship, because you are perfectly free to watch Sean Hannity or Dan Bongino or whoever else peddles their propaganda. But their stuff doesn't meet our forum standards for factual material.

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 1:29 pm
by toucana

Some idea of the scale of the problem can be found by glancing at the screen-grab from OAN featured on the David Pakman Vlog above.

According to this deranged graphic, Donald Trump won the election by a landslide that gave him a whopping 410 electoral college votes out of 538, with the whole of California turning red (among many other absurdities).

OAN (One America News Network) is one of the two fringe conspiracy news channels recommended by Trump and his MAGA followers as an alternative to Fox News, which in their opinion has now become “part of the left-wing media”. The other favoured Trumpian alternative is Newsmax - which is only slightly less deranged.

Attempting to fact-check this material is usually an exercise in futility given that only someone with a room temperature IQ (and the thermostat turned hard down) would give any of these claims a moment’s credence. But here goes:

- SCYTL refers to Scytl Secure Electronic Voting a company founded in Barcelona in 2001. Their products are used all around the world in electronic vote tabulation. Their name is a reference to a Scytale (σκυτάλη) an ancient Greek cryptographic tool which created a transposition cipher by wrapping an inscribed leather strap around a cylinder.

- Only 12 of the 50 states in the USA actually use SCYTL products. The others use a rival product called Dominion Voting Systems.

- The conspiracy theory being toted by OAN is one created by Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and repeated on OAN by a lunatic Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) which claims that the true SCYTL voting tabulation showing a Trump landslide had been secretly transmitted from USA to a SCYTL office located in Germany, and had subsequently come to light after the company’s server had been seized in a raid by the US army.

- The US army has said publicly that the raid allegation is completely false, and Scytl themselves point out they haven’t had a company office in Germany since 2019.

- Just to complete the trifecta, and dispose of its anti-semitic component, Scytl point out that their company has no ties whatsoever to financier George Soros, nor to Russia either.

Re: See Emily Play

PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 3:17 pm
by TheVat
If anyone wonders why Powell went to Newsmax with her nutty story and promises of a Georgia election suit that "will be biblical," here is what bias checkers say about Newsmax:

Overall, we rate Newsmax Right Biased and Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and pseudoscience as well as numerous failed fact checks.

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 7:32 pm
by charon
My thought is that they really can't be that dumb, there are too many of them. They know very well their actions are bound to fail.

So I suspect their aim is simply to cause as much trouble as possible. In which case the question is who put them up to it and how it was orchestrated.

Cui bono?

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 8:29 pm
by TheVat
The purpose is really simple: repeat nonsense until a significant fraction of the population start to think "there must be something to it" and doubt the legitimacy of the Biden administration, thus weakening it and paving the way for retaking the White House in 2024.


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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 9:18 pm
by charon
repeat nonsense until a significant fraction of the population start to think "there must be something to it"

Ha, that's what's been going on for the last 4-plus years. And apparently it works some of the time...

But he ain't comin' back and that's fo' sure.

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 10:29 pm
by charon
I think what bugs me most is the watching these people destabilize America. They just do what they want, seemingly with impunity. Everyone wrings their hands and tuts but nothing happens. Just endless words and people talking about it.

Including me, I suppose, but then I have no power. I'd lock them all up, personally.

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PostPosted: November 22nd, 2020, 10:33 pm
by toucana
Sidney Powell has now been sacked from the Trump legal team, and she has apparently also had her account suspended by Twitter for at least the next 12 hours.

Powell's abrupt termination was announced by Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, the other surviving members of the legal team. President Trump was apparently too busy playing golf to make the announcement himself.

It's not entirely clear what provoked this development, but GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski, and close Trump ally New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have now added their voices to those telling the president to concede the election to Joe Biden in the wake of this latest debacle.

Sidney Powell had threatened to ''Release the Kraken" and bring a legal suit of "Biblical proportions" after Georgia certified Biden's victory in the state on Friday, but her evidence appears to have gotten lost in the post or something.

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PostPosted: November 23rd, 2020, 5:47 am
by toucana
Coming back to the OP topic of GSA administrator Emily W. Murphy again -

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) has posted an interesting Twitter thread about her career to date as a Federal employee:

I’ll end with this.

My team and I have dealt with GSA under her leadership for years, and we made every effort to do so in good faith. But her subservience to the president was a permanent and insurmountable hurdle in our efforts to cooperate.

@GSAEmily may be a federal employee, but she’s made clear that she is no public servant.

I pray she proves me wrong.

Rep. Connolly is the chair of the subcommittee on Government Operations that has oversight of the GSA, and he confirms that Emily Murphy is due to be questioned before the committee in some detail by Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) in the near future.

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PostPosted: November 23rd, 2020, 8:52 pm
by toucana

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PostPosted: November 23rd, 2020, 10:23 pm
by Serpent
I wouldn't give much for her references.

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PostPosted: November 23rd, 2020, 10:42 pm
by Dave_C

It's not over yet... I'll only believe it when I hear the fat POTUS sing.

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PostPosted: November 25th, 2020, 6:49 am
by toucana

Update on the alternative conservative chat system Parler mentioned earlier in this thread.

Seems like conservatives might *not* want to shift over from Twitter to Parler just yet - Because its user database just got hacked after the credentials were left unencrypted on a public API endpoint.

According to rumour, most users were using MAGA2020 as their password anyway.

Re: See Emily Play

PostPosted: November 25th, 2020, 12:06 pm
by TheVat
That looks faked. Funny password joke, though.

Re: See Emily Play

PostPosted: November 25th, 2020, 2:31 pm
by Serpent
Anyway, they're all changing it to MAGA2024