Asynchronous communication turns out to be not so great

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Asynchronous communication turns out to be not so great

Postby TheVat on August 16th, 2019, 9:38 am 

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Re: Asynchronous communication turns out to be not so great

Postby charon on August 16th, 2019, 12:44 pm 

I wouldn't do IT if you paid me but my partner is an IT specialist so I'm familiar with scrums, sprints and stand-ups. Aside from that she uses an in-house messaging system which is pretty well instantaneous and, of course, the telephone. And, if needs be, actually getting up (lord help us) and going over to someone's desk.

But stand-ups are, of course, synchrony and so are other kinds of meeting, even video conference ones. But synchrony - all together in the same room - isn't always necessary, mostly a message will do it.

No system is perfect. If we could all become telepathic that might be quicker (!) but that's not to be. Till then we have to rely on mechanised communication with all its faults and risks. Of course, in practice they're not that bad unless we're so greedy and stress-driven that we demand 'instant everything'.

But, whatever the system, faults in communication are still rampant. This is a human issue, where people don't always follow-up, misunderstand, or simply avoid issues, and so on. Sometimes, where co-workers come from different countries, there are miscommunications due to language differences. There are a hundred risks where human communication is involved.

However efficient a mechanised system is there will still be problems of communication where people are concerned; it's in the nature of the beast. And to that I'm not sure I have an answer.
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