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Postby zetreque on August 8th, 2018, 1:58 am 

I have always been confused by this. It seems like Twitter was the only website that ever did this. When it first came out everyone acted like it was a cross platform thing but it was just twitter wasn't it? Now it looks like instagram is using it and it does actually look like facebook supports searching them now.

Somehow people think if you #HashtagThisPostWithSomethingCreative people can and WILL just search the INTERNET for people using that hashtag aka keyword. That seems completely wrong unless I'm missing something. Is there an internet search engine that searches the internet for "hashtags"? Keyword aka search query. That's what they used to be called. Putting one as a search term on google does sort of work.

A lot of sweepstakes use this as a scam. They often say to post and blog with the hashtag for entries into their contests but how on Earth do they know if you posted somewhere on facebook or a random blog the #winFreeNachosNow hashtag and to give you entries into the contest? #hashtagsforsuckers

#confused #hashtagquestionAug2018 #porn #sex #drugs #rockandroll #goodformarketing #clickbaitmarketingbait #whatgoodwillthisdo #mostoftenawasteoftimeandeffort #marketingploy4suckers #no1caresAboutthisUniqueTagUnlessIwasViral#AmIMissingSomething?

Is there any future use for this? Say People tagged posts around the internet with #mendicinocomplexfire. If someone 5 years from now was interested in researching that California fire which is now considered the state's largest in history, is it actually going to do any good to search for that hashtag on an internet search engine over just searching for the fire with regular key terms?

#hashtagTheworld2makeThisTheMostPopularPostEVER #Theworld=everykeyterm
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Re: hashtagging

Postby Watson on August 8th, 2018, 10:29 pm 

I am just on twitter (and Facebook because you can never quite/delete/unsubscribe because even years later FB is happy to send a reactivation code) but twitter is like a river that people dump tweet logs into and the logs float by your window. If you are looking out your window, you see certain tweet logs floating by.
In some cases, logs are considered important and twitter holds logs in front of your window, "In case you missed these logs" and releases them when you are looking out the window, so to speak.
The #hashtags# is more like a file system, where you can also dump tweet logs of a similar content, into more of a slow moving stream.
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