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hypothetical angelfish genetics

PostPosted: December 26th, 2016, 5:07 am
by tantric
the people who breed freshwater angelfish are no laymen at genetics. i've been trying to get in touch with a few of the cognoscenti, but no luck, so i'm branching out. i need this because i'm making a webpage to demonstrate my skills, to get back into IT. i've decided to make a page for a futuristic petshop that sells designer angelfish, including GMOs.

first, witness the Angelfish Genetics Calculator.

Into to angelfish genetics PDF
phenotype library

there are now Glofish. but as i understand it, these are created by microinjection. this means that the DNA sequences for the fluorescent proteins don't end up at any particular locus. in angelfish, melanin and its pattern are controlled by the dark locus. +/+ is the normal striped fish, D/D is solid black, M/M is marbled black, g/g is gold. i'd guess that the g allele is a different type of melanin, not its absence.

so, is this the right locus to insert gfp? i have a feeling that if all of the dark locus genes are deleted, it'd be lethal - melanin is important.