Watson and Crick - A milestone

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Watson and Crick - A milestone

Postby Event Horizon on April 29th, 2018, 10:50 am 

60 years today Watson and Crick cracked one of the most important discoveries ever to be discovered. This day 60 years ago they announced the discovery of the DNA double-helix.

This discovery has allowed biologists to effect treatments, anthropologists use markers to trace our ancestry and the entire human genome was mapped by the Human Genome Project.

It consists mostly of base pairs T, G, A, and C in a ribose structure that codes for 64 potential combinations. Telomeres cap the ends, and if the DNA unwound it would be approximately a meter long.

We can now write our own code with the Crispr system https://www.livescience.com/58790-crispr-explained.html and insert new code into existing DNA to fix errors or cut and paste sequences with specific benefits.

The enzymes we use to cut and splice DNA are naturally flawed, and sometimes the wrong sequence gets cut, but it's not hard to find and reject such instances.

There is an awful lot still to explore, but I thought it worth marking the day. To us biologists, these guys are legendary. Genetics go way back to Ivan Mendel, a german monk and his experiments on peas http://www.indiana.edu/~p1013447/dictionary/mendel.htm Who we regard as the father of genetics. It's amazing how far things have come.
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