proportioned angles

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proportioned angles

Postby msbiljanica on January 7th, 2016, 6:19 am 

Required accessories - pencil, compass, unmarked straightedge

slika 1.png

Odd proportion angles (there is a proportion of the steam angles) of the element 3 (which may be 5,7,9, ...) and the base angle (which can be any angle which is obtainable by means of compass and straightedge)

The angle CAB can be obtained with a compass and unmarked ruler, he added angles (each have ) DAC and EAD, obtained angle EAB is the starting angle

Merge points E (D, C, B) and get a longer ED (DC, CB)

Along the DC from the point C draw is normal that intersects the segment AB, the intersection is a point G

Divider AG and from point G draw a circular arc to a longer EA and H get the point, and the arc GH, join the dots G and H and get along GH

Longer GH (ED, DC, CB) are equal, the arc EB's first circular arc can be made smaller or larger with a constant radius AB, arc GH is the second circular arc can be made smaller or larger with a constant radius AG

the starting angle EAB add angle FAE get the angle FAB - continued in the next post
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