Alien geometry (color arrays)

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Alien geometry (color arrays)

Postby hyksos on May 14th, 2017, 6:39 pm 

The aliens have landed and want an ambassador to speak with. Problem is, humans cannot speak any common language with extra-terrestrials. The aliens are thousands of years advanced from us. However, the aliens believe they can teach us how to understand their written language by a series of tests. They present would-be ambassadors with a panel of geometric shapes, along with a set of 8 keys. The aliens want you to select the correct key for the missing slot.

Ground Rules
  • The letters associated with the choices have no bearing on the question. They are there so you can post your answer below. The aliens only gave us an unmarked bag of keys.
  • Do the rows or columns have a bearing on this puzzle? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • Is this a pattern-completion test? Or graph theory? How am I supposed to know what the correct answer is? If the aliens could tell us, we wouldn't need to do this, as we would already speak their language.
  • I found several correct answers. Is there more than one correct answer? No. There is only 1.

When you discover the one correct answer, you may feel a strong desire to explain it to others. Do not do that and ruin this for other people. Do post your answers though.
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