Lines of Flux and Force: What is it?

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Lines of Flux and Force: What is it?

Postby RoccoR on March 20th, 2017, 12:51 pm 

et al,

I would like to know what magnet lines of foce or the energy lines of force between two particle is?

I already know that we can use it. We can calculate it using Guass's Law or Coloumb's Law (each can be derived from the other). In these formulas we talk about the "Force" of the charged particles becomes equal to the Coloumb's Constant (9.0 x 109 N • m^2 / C^2) multiplied by the quantity of charge of the first particle time the quantity of charge of the second particle. And that outcome is divided by the separation distance between them.

That essentially gives you some answer in Newtons. And a very similar technique is use to determine the Force of Gravity: (Gm1m2)/d2 .

But when we speak of these lines, are they real or imaginary? IF they are real, of WHAT are they made? When we talk about a Gravity wave, WHAT is waving? We often think of gravity as the force between two masses. When we talk about electricity and magnetism, we compute fields.

What is this thing we call a "line of force or flux?"

BTW: In the formula E=mc^2 Help me visualize what the speed of light squared (c^2) represents. Do we actually know what for the (E) energy takes? Where in reality do we see this conversion? Is this what happens in a "supernova?"

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