Scientists discover a 'tuneable' novel quantum state of matt

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Scientists discover a 'tuneable' novel quantum state of matt

Postby socrat44 on September 13th, 2018, 2:34 am 

Scientists discover a 'tuneable' novel quantum state of matter
September 12, 2018, Princeton University
=== . . .
Electrons can ignore the lattice and form their own society.
. . . .
The decoupling between the electrons and the arrangement of atoms
was surprising enough, but then the researchers applied a magnetic
field and discovered that they could turn that one line in any direction
they chose. Without moving the crystal lattice, Zhang could rotate the
line of electrons just by controlling the magnetic field around them.
. . . .
apply the magnetic field, you can reorient and
control  the electrons'  many-body culture.
. . .
It is rare that a magnetic field has such a dramatic effect
on electronic properties of a material,
. . .
"The fact that we found a material with such a large effective g factor,
meaning that a modest magnetic field can bring a significant effect
in the system—this is highly desirable," said Hasan.
"This gigantic and tunable quantum effect opens up the possibilities
for new types of quantum technologies and nanotechnologies."
. . . .
We're going down to 0.4 Kelvin. . . .
. . . .
By finding a new type of quantum organization, Zhang and her colleagues
are making "a direct contribution to advancing the knowledge frontier—
and in this case, without any theoretical prediction," said Hasan.
"Our experiments are advancing the knowledge frontier.'' ... state.html
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