Wormholes, VPN's and semi-dead Cats

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Wormholes, VPN's and semi-dead Cats

Postby Event Horizon on February 17th, 2020, 6:37 pm 

Ok. This relies on some suppositions. It's not enough to find the hypothetical wormhole. If we are to use it we have to conquor some HYOPTHETICALS. I blame Einstein, he started all this!
We find a stable wormhole.
We survive in an unknown number of dimensions.
We survive potential spaghettification.
But we can't navigate in a celestial VPN because we don't control it. And how to survive being at the beginning and the end of a stretch of spacetime that exists seemingly outside of spacetime?
We could wind up like Schrodingers' cat, and turn up dead 50% of the time anyway, assuming we survived to get far anyway.
I dunno. I hope to sound reasonably coherent in a very hypothetical, theoretically possible, interesting
kinda way.

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