"Peach" Pie

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"Peach" Pie

Postby vivian maxine on May 31st, 2015, 11:10 am 

This morning I bought a peach pie and a peach cobbler. On both boxes, there were these words: "Made with real peaches." Someone please tell me. What are others using for peaches when they are not using "real peaches"? I'd say it makes me wonder what we are eating but these days not so.
vivian maxine
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Re: "Peach" Pie

Postby Watson on May 31st, 2015, 11:29 am 

Good point, about the crap we are given. "real Peaches" in this case might just be emphasizing the real peach flavor as opposed to some sugar candy artificial flavor, (with chunks of orange tofu).
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Re: "Peach" Pie

Postby zetreque on May 31st, 2015, 12:54 pm 

For my organic chemistry class final I made artificial banana flavor (unknown to me at the time, and I was not allowed to taste obviously but I could certainly smell it).

These two links explain how they do it.

The smell of nearly all fruits comes from aliphatic esters, simple molecules containing a carboxylic group directly beside an ether linkage leading to alkyl or aryl groups. Molecules with a small number of carbons smell fruity, but once more carbons are added the smell changes to soapy or even metallic. Isoamyl acetate has only six carbons so its smell is distinctly sweet. These esters can also be found in non-fruit sources such as peppermint and green tea.


It's just how many and the arrangement of carbons oxygens and hydrogens. I think it's scary making artificial flavors though because without testing (which I also did an assignment to learn how bad the food standard testing can be around the world) we could be getting a high portion of not just the artificial flavor but the unnatural byproducts of who knows. If they can't even test foods for illegal food additive concentrations, how are they going to test to see if the food additives are even pure? Not to mention the missing other nutrients in whole foods that we evolved to eat and make use of. I guess you could think of it as trying to drink oxygen without any hydrogens. How long can you survive without drinking water (H2O) and just breathing oxygen?

It is kinda similar because to make artificial flavors you start out with an alochol carbon chain and an ester. You could poor it in your car to drive, or drink it and get drunk or die. It's the ratio and configuration of what we are eating that's off.
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