Viral TB: The Worst Virus Ever

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Viral TB: The Worst Virus Ever

Postby caters on November 13th, 2017, 1:24 am 

My Kepler Bb Humanoids have a very strong immune system from a young age. But 1 virus that can cause death and is the most common cause of death of all viruses for Kepler Bb Humanoids is Viral TB. This virus has 2 phases. The active phase is when the humanoid gets symptoms. The latent phase is when the immune system temporarily wins. The average amount of cycles before the virus is gone is 5 cycles. The latent phase in 1 system often corresponds to the active phase in another.

That is just the cycling. It can be transmitted in every way possible including pregnancy. And it can cause pretty much any symptom from sneezing to severe abdominal pain to amenorrhea to a heart attack.

So clearly some symptoms are worse than others.

I was thinking about how the human immune system works


I realized that it is very unlikely that all the biochemistry occurring in the human immune system would be enough to not die from the virus much less get rid of the virus completely.

So, if I wanted to write a book all about this virus and what happens, what mechanism or mechanisms would I need to add to all the human immune system mechanisms to make it very likely that the humanoid will get rid of the virus completely and if not, at least survive the virus(assuming that symptoms are treated as needed(so for example an electronic device to automatically inject heme iron into the bloodstream to prevent iron deficiency and hemochromatosis))?
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