Ginseng Instead of Caffeine

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Ginseng Instead of Caffeine

Postby BadgerJelly on March 4th, 2019, 3:15 am 

I love a good cup of coffee, but also don’t really think drinking so much of the stuff does me any personal good. I have been told that ginseng tea is a good substitute but know next to nothing about it.

I am curious about the effects of ginseng compared to caffeine and in what ways they operate in a similar way - if any?

Here is something:

Dr Fan’s research has focused on the time-honoured herb ginseng (Panax), a commonly used nutraceutical (a food extract that has medicinal effects) and one of the most important components of TCM. Variously attributed with benefits such as improving alertness, inducing well-being and reducing pain, ginseng has been shown in recent times to aid wound healing and treat tumours. But, perplexingly, the plant seems to act both by promoting the growth of blood vessels (angiogenesis) in wounds and by inhibiting it in tumours. How can it accomplish such opposing activities?

One of the principal findings of the study is that not all types of ginseng are the same: the source is vitally important. A mass spectrometric compositional analysis of American, Chinese, Korean and Sanqi ginseng revealed distinct fingerprints, especially in the ratio between the two most prevalent constituents, the ‘sterol ginsenosides’ Rg1 and Rb1. Crucially, if the ginseng has Rg1 as the dominant constituent it promotes angiogenesis, and if Rb1 is dominant it exerts an opposing effect. For the first time, the ambiguity in the effects of ginseng on vascular pathophysiology had been explained by the specific make-up of each variety.

As I’m someone who seems to have a reasonably “turbulent” level of energy from day-to-day, and throughout the day/week/month, I’m curious to see what happens when I switch from caffeine to something else - I’ve done it before and noticed a dramatic change regarding my level of “agitation” and since then I drastically reduced my caffeine intake, yet still slip back into something akin to a caffeine “binge” every now and again which certainly seems to contribute to my attention levels and general ability to focus.

Anyway, any info/discussion would be welcome here.

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Re: Ginseng Instead of Caffeine

Postby charon on March 4th, 2019, 8:17 am 

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Re: Ginseng Instead of Caffeine

Postby TheVat on March 4th, 2019, 12:57 pm 

I've run into some positive reports on ginseng. Charon's link was also helpful in how it pinpointed ATP production as key to "real" energy. Caffeine has never been too great for me, either (inner ears not wild about it) so I've found better options with nori (Japanese kelp that's a good energy booster), ginseng, ginger, and dark chocolate (theobromine is a gentle stimulant that lasts a long time). Haven't tried milk thistle.

Really interesting about the opposing vascular effects of rb1 and rg1. If someone were going for angiogenesis, they might want to try combining the right ginseng with alpha-tocopherol.
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